GRAPHIC DESIGN Graphic Design Courses Objective:-

This professional Graphic Design course would train the student to apply the principles and elements of design in product branding and advertising. Students will have complete hands-on graphic design training on all popular applications such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC etc. used in print mediums, special classes based on Typography, Colour Sense will expand the knowledge of students towards the aesthetics.

Portfolio Design:-

1. Branding exercises including logos and stationaries
2. Social Design campaign
3. Designing for packaging
4. Digital Painting & Matt Painting collection
5. Artworks for Advertising
6. Design Concepts & Symbolism through graphic design
7. Typography projects
8. Symbols & Icon Design
9. Design for Publications
10. Information Design

Course Outline:-

1. Digital Illustrations
2. Advanced Digital Imaging
3. Layout for publication design, Prepress & Production